Debtor's Options

If You’re Facing Debt, What Should You Do?
Debt knows no color, gender or financial status. It can affect anyone and everyone in different ways. As a person in debt, it’s important to realize that you have several options:


  •     Continue to do Nothing

  •     Negotiate with Creditors

  •     File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

  •     File for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

  •     File for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

  •     Pay all Creditors in Full


We all know that if you continue to do nothing and ignore your debt issues, they won’t disappear. The creditors will continue to call, the bills will continue to arrive in the mail and the debt will continue to negatively impact your credit score, making it even more difficult to obtain a loan or job.


Brunner Law Office LLC can help you stop all of the above from happening with one phone call. We are experienced in bankruptcy law and will work hard to help you get back on the right track. Please call us today.
Don’t wish your debt away; let Brunner Law Office LLC help you with your bankruptcy needs today.  Contact us today for your free initial consultation.


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We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.  All cases are different and nothing contained herein should be construed to constitute legal advice for your particular case.  This is a brief summary of the bankruptcy laws and alternatives.  The decision to file a bankruptcy, will vary depending on the facts in your particular case.  Bankruptcy should only be undertaken after careful consideration and consultation with an experienced attorney. 


These pages may contain information and rules which apply only to the State of Wisconsin.  Every effort has been made to assure that all laws cited herein are correct however complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed.