Bankruptcy Facts 

What is Bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy is a federal court process that allows eligible filers to eliminate or restructure their debt. There are two major types of Bankruptcy available for individuals: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. Depending on your income and your overall financial situation, together, we will determine how much of your debt you are able to repay and whether you qualify for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13.


Get a Fresh Start:
Bankruptcy was created by the government to give a fresh start to individuals who cannot afford to repay their debts. Although every person is likely to face financial difficulties from time-to-time, when financial burdens become so overwhelming that it is unreasonable or impossible to expect an individual to ever pay back everything they owe, the Bankruptcy provides a way to eliminate or restructure your debts and give you the fresh start that you need.
Stop Collections, Foreclosures and Wage Garnishments:
Once your Bankruptcy Petition is filed with the Court, an Automatic Stay immediately goes into effect and all collection efforts must cease. Bill collectors can no longer contact you, foreclosures have to be postponed and wage garnishments must be stopped. Creditors also have to halt any repossession efforts. This will give you the breathing room you need to organize your financial situation.


Take Advantage of Bankruptcy Protection Now:
Contact us to determine if Bankruptcy is the right option for you. If you are eligible for Bankruptcy protection then it is better to take advantage of your Bankruptcy options sooner rather than later. Let Brunner Law Office guide you through the Bankruptcy process and get you the fresh start you need.


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We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.  All cases are different and nothing contained herein should be construed to constitute legal advice for your particular case.  This is a brief summary of the bankruptcy laws and alternatives.  The decision to file a bankruptcy, will vary depending on the facts in your particular case.  Bankruptcy should only be undertaken after careful consideration and consultation with an experienced attorney. 


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